At Quenzer Environmental LLC, our staff and associates have experience providing wetland and ecological services for a wide range of project types. We have extensive knowledge of the various project components, land requirements and regulatory issues for each project type and facility. Our experience helps reduce both permitting time and client costs.

Examples include:

  • Cell tower siting studies
  • Utility line assessments
  • Road and highway projects
  • Bridge replacements
  • Municipal landfill siting studies
  • Sewer treatment facilities
  • Rail to trail projects
  • Municipal parks and preserves
  • Correctional facilities – State and County
  • Farm operations and expansions
  • Conservation subdivisions
  • Commercial developments
  • Residential developments
  • Large-scale retail “box” stores
  • IDA – shovel-ready sites
  • Airports
  • School expansions and new facilities
  • Rail line upgrades
  • Chip-Fab plants
  • Golf courses
  • Banks
  • Solar and wind power facilities

Providing wetland and ecological services for a wide range of projects. Cell tower and communications tower siting study.