Quenzer Environmental LLC provides a comprehensive suite of wetlands, ecological and endangered species services. We tailor these efforts to meet our clients’ individual project requirements and goals. Our experience provides focus to our mission of offering cost-effective natural resource studies and permitting assistance.

We provide these services to a wide range of clients, including industry, municipalities and agencies, as well as commercial/residential developers. Our work supports land use professionals such as attorneys, engineers, architects and planners. Prospective land buyers often utilize our services to determine if wetlands or endangered species may impact their purchase or development of their property.

Let us know how we can assist you with your project needs.

Wetland delineation, assessment, mapping, mitigation planning and construction. Wetland plants.             Ecological consulting services and permitting assistance. Grassland bird management plan area.             Endangered, threatened and special concern species habitat analysis and surveys. Phase 2 bog turtle survey in Hudson Valley, with bog turtle captures. karner blue butterfly.